Is there a resource that I can call to get help for my mom and myself, who are frustrated by my dad's depression?

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He's had a below the knee amputation (this past March) that is finally healing. All he does is eat, sleep and poop. None of his doctors know what's wrong with him, nor to they offer any advice or help. I got him on Zoloft, which seemed to help for awhile, but now he's worse again. He's been in this hospital recently; they thought he had an infection in his bones; gave him Vancomycin, thought it went away. But he's very lethargic, my mom and I don't know what else to try, and mom's health is failing now too.

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If you can get your dad into a gerontologist he or she may do a better job of looking at the whole person. Your dad's lethargy could be depression or something else, but someone needs to more than just "think" if he "might" have an infection. He should have a complete workup as well as more help with understandable depression after an amputation. There could be a vitamin deficiency or even cancer present.
Ask locally about caregiver support groups. You can try the Area Agency on Aging, if you have one locally, or ask at various non-profit social service agencies. Being with other caregivers should help you and your mom.
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