How do you deal with sexually inappropriate touching from an elderly father?

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I'm wondering if this is new behavior or old? I sometimes wonder if when a person gets Alzheimers or dementia, does the mechanism that tells them what's right or wrong behavior gets short circuited?
The filter that once told them not to do something, is shut off. Maybe someone else knows the answer to this one.
actually,this is my friends father.My mom has been diagnosed for over a year with alz. my friends father hasn't been evaluated yet.
I know her dad.He has been treated for health issues recently.From what my friend has told me,I am afraid for her,and her sisters' safety.
Why doesn't anyone talk about all the other behavioral symptoms ?He might be 90 but he is big, and stronger than a lot of men half his age.He has always had a mean streak.Now he not only cusses his daughters out but he has touched one in a way that made her afraid.(the old brush the hand across the breast accidentally move)He is very intimidating and controlling and they don't know what to do.I told her not to go to see him alone anymore.I'm afraid he will hurt her.
I guess they should have him evaluated first as to what he has (dementia, alz, or is he just evil?) Anyway, he needs to be put somewhere where people are used to this stuff. My friend was raped by her grandfather when she was younger and he was pretty old. So I know that happens, cause you're right, he IS stronger and probably more determined than she realizes. I sure would never be alone with him that's for sure.
just found this by chance. i am in this situation now. Dad lives with me and my family and am trying to get this sorted. am afraid to be with him and don't know how i am going to get him to the clinic to be evaluated as he refusses any med help he thinks he shouldn't have. dare not tell him about this yet. his new doc as been lovely and is helping mewith support.

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