What do you do if your parents are alcoholics?

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This is far more common than most people think. First, I'd suggest you go to Al-Anon to get some understanding that you aren’t alone and that they suffer from a disease. This is not to coddle them It’s to help you learn how to cope with the situation.
If one of them is a veteran, they generally offer a lot of help as they understand the disease. You can't force them to stop drinking, even though it is ruining their lives (and not helping yours, either). Logic and arguing won't help. They need medical care. Sometimes, a formal intervention can help, but not always. Al-Anon is a great source for adult children and spouses of alcoholics.
Good luck. Some elders never can stop. Please try to love them, anyway, but protect yourself as well.
Is it dangerous to take elderly off alcohol cold turkey? My elderly patient drinks 24/7? She has no appetite and insists on eating cookies and drinking wine only. She is having diarrhea all thr time. Her Drs. arent concerned when I tell them, or rather they do not address it. Any suggestions?

Carol was right about Alanon. There's nothing for you to "do" when it comes to your parents alcoholism. You can't make them stop, you can't force them to seek help, and you can't subject yourself to their disease. But you can take care of yourself and not get mired down in their disease. That's where Alanon comes in. It teaches loved ones of alcoholics how to take care of themselves, how to not be a part of the problem. Alcoholics are sick people, they have a disease, and their loved ones are sick too, they suffer from their loved ones alcoholism whether they drink or not.


Detoxing your patient should be the family's job, not yours. Stopping drinking cold turkey could be dangerous, it depends upon a lot of factors.

You said her Dr.'s aren't concerned, that they don't address it. Do her Dr.'s even know she's an alcoholic? Even if they do know there's not much they can do about it if she doesn't seek help from them about it.

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