How can I deal with my mother and her mean behavior towards my dad?

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You don't say if your dad is ill or not, I'm assuming he is and that's why your mother now feels like she has the 'green light' to do what she wants with the money. Am I right or no?
There are lots of mediations for this and you CAN deal with it, we need more details to suggest things or relay our experiences, Best of luck.
I certainly understand your frustration. My mother used to call me and complain that my Dad took a nap in the afternoons. When I pointed out that an 82 year old man deserves to take a nap, she would point out that she was 80 and she didn't take naps. Then my father would call and complain that Mom would not let him rest or nap. I think your situation is probably very different from mine. Could you please share more details if you feel more comfortable? We would all like to help. RLP

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