How do you I help my mother find an activity to keep her busy during the day?


Mom just moved to a seniors lodge in October. Up until then she has always lived in her own home. She has always been active physically which includes all of her own housework, shovelling snow and gardening. In the last year, we noticed that she was getting more forgetful and this summer, she was unable to manage her yard. The lodge seemed like a good alternative as it also had people to visit with. Now that she is there, she does not seem to be interested in TV or her knitting and doesn't put herself out to make friends. Sleeping appears to be her main occupation which results in some minor sundowning.

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I posted something on here this afternoon but I think it "disappeared". My mom has never read books or done puzzles and tells me that she doesn't wish to start now. She used to crochet/knit but seems to have lost interest in all of that as well as watching TV. She is having difficulty managing the buttons on the TV remote so I don't imagine an Ipod would work for her either. There are activities at the Lodge but she is not motivated to go down and see whats happening. I also realize much to my amazement that mom is extremely "shy"....go figure, huh? LOL
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Check out of Activities & Recreation for lots of articles on activities for elder and other caregivers questions and discussions. I am sure you can find some helpful ideas her.

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Hi Vivian,
All of a sudden over the last year or so, your Mother has changed dramatically. That probably means her interests are more introverted, and if she has dementia, maybe she is really confused. Her brain is not doing what it used to: figure it out and do it. You, the caregiver and daughter, must get to that new place-- the new reality of Mom-- and help her find things she can still do.
You can get puzzles--shapes and animals. If she can see you could get her crossword puzzles to exercise her memory. Maybe you or another resident can do them with her. Get her an iPod and download books and her favorite music.
She knows her world is changing. She wants to feel in control, be of use. Could she work on crocheting instead of knitting? Start a knit/crochet group of people in the lodge? Ask her what she wants to do. If she says 'nothing' then she may also be depressed. You will get lots of input here from those who know and care. Take care, let us know what works. Hugs, Christina
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