My grandmother has daily obsession with laxatives & bowel movements. She forgets she's taken them & is convinced that we've stolen them. What should we do?

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My father is also very pre-occupied with his bowel movements, so I understand. Is your grandmother satisfied with her current "schedule"? Maybe you could make up a chart with columns, where she puts an "x" every time she: a) takes her Metamucil (for example) b) takes a laxative c) has a BM , and so on. This way it would all out there on a sheet in black and white and she could look at it at any time during the day, which would be reassuring to her. Sometimes just getting them "regular" will help a lot to lessen the obsession. By the way, probiotics are very helpful, and are in all the drugstores now.
Over usage of laxatives will result in a cathartic other words it quits working, then the problems will really start. Take them away.....there are other things that can be used to keep her regular.
My Mother who has Dimentia was the same way, then when she would take something to stop having bowel movements. She would keep repeating the cycle. She then progressed to OTC Claritin (one day she took 23 of them because she thought she did not take any). I had to move her in with us and take control of all of her medications even OTC and wein her off of them all. She is now regular, and no more nose drips. Her fixation now is toilet paper (she will use 4 rolls per day) and baby wipes (1 full package per day). Again, I have to control that as well. It is not easy. Take control of it for her. Good luck
Our Mom is also very preoccupied with her bowels. It is very important to her that she go daily. If she does not she becomes very upset and agitated. I personally think Anne123's answer is excellent. Having a chart would help very much in remembering what has happened as the day goes on. It is also helpful information to have on hand anyway. I agree also with Jam's post, you must be careful with the laxatives. They often cause more harm than good. Try to give grandma answers to her accusations with humor, always reinforce to her that you love her and are there to care for her. It's very difficult, I know, but try to stay positive and keep a smile on your face.
Unfortunately, bowel movements are an obsessive concern among the elderly. My mother (87) gets upset if she hasn't had a BM for a few days. Before we put her into an ALF, she took a suppository by mouth!! The ER said no damage was done but she did vomit. I took ALL laxatives and stool softeners away from her, before she moved into an ALF, where they now monitor whether or not to give her a laxative.
Get a pill holder, circular or straight-line with the initials MTWRFSSu on it. Keep it under your control but let her see it and use it daily. Always use a wall calendar also. No need to confront her or allow her to rant about theft.
hi, i have same problem so i switch it around with things that are good for my dad,and as long as he's getting the attection it works. good luck
Wow, and I though I was the only one who's Mom was obsessive about toilet paper! It's one double roll a day (which by the way she says she does not use that much a day) and I can't imagine adding baby wipes to the mix - I don't think I'm going there! So far we don't need laxatives so I'm going to consider myself very lucky today. Thanks!
My mother has an obsession with uninating every two minutes. It is just crazy. I have her tested for UTI's all the time. Is there any kind of medicine that can help this problem. It is very hard on us mother had a massive stroke 10 years ago, and she can not walk or get up by herself. Needs assistance for everything.

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