My dad stopped snoring, what's going on?

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Used to be that you could hear him clear across the house...and he has a big house, but not any more. He has used a breathing machine at nights but he will not keep it on at night any more. My sister just kind of chuckles and said he has probably forgotten that he is suppose to snore since he has alzheimers. Thats not really funny but to keep our is. :)
Has he lost weight, started sleeping on his side or quit drinking alcohol (if he ever did)?
No weight issues and he always sleeps on his side. We kind of took his wine away from him since he had gout. Do you think that could make a difference....but the lack of snoring started before the gout issue.
Well you could give him a few glasses and see if he snores tonight LOL... or just thank your lucky stars for the peace and quiet.

Just read a thread on here about pneumonia, "Elders who are experiencing pain, or being given pain medication, tend to take shallow breaths, which results in mucus gathering in the lungs. that the elderly often have shallow breathing." Not to suggest he has pneumonia, but if he's in pain his breathing may be more shallow and hence no snoring. Just a thought.
i was kind of wondering about pneumonia. He was in the hospital 3 months ago with a partial collapsed lung but has been back to the doc lately saying evreything sounds good. He does some breathing exercises with a piece of equipment that we brought back from the hospital and really does a great job with it.

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