What are your thoughts on Cymbalta with elders?

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On 5-1-12 the dr put my grandma on cymbalta. She doesnt do well with meds..clonazapam effected her severely..she is taking 30mg of cymbalta ...just wondering if the minor side effects will get better with time. She has dry mouth and tired. Was also wondering if it has helped anyone with the pain from fibromyalgia and neuropathy?...btw i really like this site get some great advice :-)

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I have had Fibro for 12 years I am turning 40 and have been on a lot of different meds I really like cymbalta it really help with the pain but I was unable to keep taking it I had bad swelling in my face and hands and feet but the actual pain from fibro was really helped by this medication
Thnx Jessb i will watch for swelling...lyrica made her swell.i tried noni100 you get it at health food store she said it didnt help but it helped my leg/foot pain

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