Are there any caregivers that are 20 and taking care of an aging parent?

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You have come to the right place. MindingOurElders is so helpful. Look her up on the profile section. She has given us all such great advice. We all help each other. You are so young to be going through this. Is your mom around? If dad has been in the hospital lately he is entitled to services in the home. There are many programs out there. Get a hold of the social worker from your hospital and talk to the Dr. Also, make sure your name is on the hipa agreement at the Dr's office, otherwise no one will talk to you. Who has power of attorney? Do you have siblings or aunts or uncles that you can turn to. The social worker can help you too! He or she can set you up with a support group, go to meetings and get more information. Just don't stop coming here. We will all be by your side. Take care.

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