How can I convince my mother that Assisted Living is a better option than Home Care?

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My 92 year old mother has had several falls and bouts with pneumonia the last two years that have resulted in trips to the ER. She is now in an assisted living environment, a board and care, that is wonderful, but she wants to go home. Her husband will soon be 92, has nerophy, but is pretty independent and still drives (another story). I know without a doubt that she will fall again or there will be another health crisis. Home living isn't safe and acquiring full time help, even if they agreed,seems so daunting. And,in the past, when they had help, it was a battle to convince them to keep the care providers.I am afraid her doctor will give the okay to go home, but he really doesn't see the day to day confusion and needs that she has. I am looking for a way to convince them both that assisted living is the best choice for my mother at this point.

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