My father had a stroke and now has trouble eating and is on a feeding tube. what I can do to control his loose motion while eating?

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Father has stroke 2 years ago. Since then he is bedridden, has lost bladder and bowel control and passes watery stools. He does not swallow easily, and therefore he has a nasal feeding tube and his meal is mainly in the form of a thick syrup. Any suggestion on what I can do to control his loose motion? His diet is mainly cooked rice and vegetable ground into a soup consistency. He is a vegetarian and does not eat any meat or fish.

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Is your father able to talk to you about his condition? Does he have an advanced directive? Has he had antibiotics recently? Has he been in the hospital recently, last month? Does the BM have a really foul odor? Does his doctor know about his condition? Has he had abdominal pain?
If he's been hospitalized or been on antibiotics he could have c-diff. This needs to be checked quickly? Have you tried the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice, applesauce, dry toast (I know this can be difficult in his condition)? This gives bulk to the stool until the diagnosis can be determined. Liquid nutrition can cause loose stools, perhaps the doctor will advise to change to the BRAT diet long enough to get some relief. My heart goes out to you. This makes your job even more stressful. I've had to work with it. Please get the doctor involved now.
I am taking care of my father and going through similar condition. Firstly take care so that he does not get bed sores. Have an air bed. Regarding diet - we are giving fruit juices, milk and vegetable soups. Rice we stopped since it was giving loose motion. In addition there is a daily dose of anti diarrhea tablets as a norm. My sympathies with you and your family who is taking care of the patient. Under similar situation after 1.5 years , I did consult a counseller.
Father had a stroke when he was 55 years old affecting his right side completely but recovered partially within two months and continued his job of an electric engineer till the age of 61 years. After this he shifted to his native place and led very dormant, inactive life and slowly become dependent on me and my mother for his routine work. He had undergone a hernia surgery afterwards. Two years back his doctor told us that he has Hydrocephalus but could not be operated upon owing to his advanced age hence he always loosing his balance very often and falling down. He had difficulty in controlling urine. Now he is 76 years old and one month back he tripped off and got his pelvic bone fractured after the fall. He is operated upon with an implant of femur ball. Doctor has told us my father has initiated Parkinsons. He is discharged from the hospital and is at home with nurse at home for him.He is bedridden(on airbed), has lost bladder and bowel control and passes stools continuosly. Initially his meal was mainly in the form of a thick syrup but now he is on normal diet. He seems normal, even his speech is getting clearer and audible day by day. But problem is that he is not wiiling to get up from the bed, wants others to feed him, not ready to stand on his feet. His wounds and suture all are in perfecr condition, healing even though he is diabetic. He attacks and tries to hit his nurse if she persuades him to do anything. He is in perfect condition of mind and memory. His diet is mainly Chappatis, Idly, Dosa, broken wheat porridge, cooked rice. Since he is bedridden, has lost bladder and bowel control and passes urine and very smelly stools very often. We use diaper for him but he scratches and pulls and removed the diaper soils the bed. Any suggestion on what I can do to control his Attitude and bring back him to the normal routine? My work is being affected with this sudden change of scenario at home. His doctor says he is perfectly normal and persuaded to return back normal life. Any suggestion on what I can do to control his life and my family life as well. I have two small daughters demanding my time and care but I hardly get time for them or for my work as my father needs 2-3 person to handle his condition.
my father is 84 he couldn't able to control his loose motion he is suffering for past 1month he wants to eat rice but he hardly consumes one spoon of food only we give juices of pomegranet ; fig; sweetlime and diluted milk. he is very weak now please give some suggestion

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