I am concerned for my Mother's safety in assisted living, what should I do?

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My elderly, frail Mother is in a newly opened Alzheimer's Facility. I visit her almost everyday and have witnessed many many Falls of the residents. The CNA's are not proactive in monitoring these residents for possible falls or fights. Since this new facility is not fully filled, the Administration have not been hiring enough staff, I believe due to budget. Many residents have behavior problems and are dangerous for others to be around in my opinion. One Fall was caused by one of these Residents pushing the other resident on the floor causing her to hit her head. The same night the same resident fell again in another area. Also, the same night, another elderly resident fell flat on her back when getting up from her chair and walker. This is 3 falls I witnessed in 3 hours time. The last 2 falls happened when there was no nurse or CNA anywhere to be found in the main sitting room where the front desk and counter is.

I have previously expressed my concerns about the inattention of the staff, and that there should be a staff member in the sitting room at all times to prevent falls like this, but nothing has been done to prevent these falls. Alll 3 of these Falls were preventable and happened due to lack of attention of the staff.

I also witnessed a few weeks before this, a physical fight between a male and female resident in the same sitting area. I could not find the CNA (only one on duty that night), as I think she was on a break out of the building, and I could not find the Nurse on duty for 1/2 hour!

They have also had a high turnover of very experienced CNA's due to poor treatment by the Administration.

I am concerned for my Mother's safety. I will talk to the Administration again, but not positive anything will be done. This is very disappointing because they really sold this as a caring and safe place for my Mother. I can't believe they would be so unconcerned with the care of their residents.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Everyone answers to someone. You need to find out who the administration answers to, and rattle some cages. Also, just because this place is new and shiny doesn't mean it's a good place for mom. Don't be afraid to move her somewhere else.
NancyHL Thanks. I do know who the Administration answers to (they have many of these facilities throughout the US) and another resident's son talked to the person in charge of these facilities. His Mother had fallen 4 times, but nothing happened. It looks like they are only concerned with the money. They have only been opened a couple of months and already are getting a bad reputation and are having trouble filling it up. Boy, was I duped.

I agree with you about finding another place for Mom.
What area are you living in. The Area Agency on Aging is a good place to start to report the actions of this facility. If you live in the Dallas,/FT Worth area the agency to report the facilities actions is DADS (Dallas Agency on Aging and Disabilities Services). Do not feel that you have to let your mother stay in this facility you have the right to move her to a more reputable facility or even find a personal home that is licensed to care for persons with mental impairments. Do your home work and investigate each facility and home that you visit if you plan to move your mother.
Thanks, MsMargrite, for the info. I will call the Aging Agency to tell them our experiences at this place. Mom does not seem happy there. I am going to look into part-time home care, as I have pretty much exhausted the search for other facilities in the area.
How is your mother's mental abilities or stage in her Alzheimer's disease? How long do you anticipate on letting her stay at this facility? I am ask because this is my second specialty area and have worked with resident like your mother. Have you looked at the C.C Young Retirement Community? I did a mini internship there and found it to be very wonderful with the way the staff care for the residents. If you are looking for part/time, the do have services in where you can leave her there for the day if you are taking her home for the night and even over night stays. I might be worth while looking to this, and the cost is not quite as expensive as having her to live in the facility continually. But she would have lots of activities and meet new people and develop many friendships.

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