My brother took my mother in when she could no longer live on her own. Should he be compensated?

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She is not bed ridden or anything it was unsafe for her to live on her on because of falling.he did give up a room in his house and she would have to pay dto live anywhere else. what monthly comsensation should he receive. I do not know what is fair.

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We are in the same situation. I would like some adive on this topic. My MIL has her own bedroom, bath and shared famliy room and galley kitchen. I have not asked for any money. All food and beverages are provided, laundry supplies amd paper toiletries. Is it reasonable to ask for $400 per month or $100 per week to ofset the additional expenses to the family?
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Personally, I would not charge my Mom rent if she were to live with us. However, your Mom/Mil should be pitching in for food, utilities, gas money for travel, etc. And, of course, she should be buying anything that is for her personal or medical care.

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