What communities are available for people with low income?

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Where can I find a community that will help me when I have a low income to get into one? I would like to know how I can get a VA pension too.

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Check with senior housing in your area many charge rent on your income they are going up all over and the ones I have seen are very nice.
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What happens when and if funds are gone, except for social security? Would we be required to leave?
You need to talk to your caseworker at county social services to find appropriate housing.
My mom is in senior housing in suburban NY. She is on SS/Railroad pension with a little in savings. Every year they have a recertification process and if she has large expenses during the year(hearing aids last year, dental work) it is taken into account and her rent is adjusted. Her rent is $170.00 plus cable and a small electric bill. Office of Aging is place in our area to contact. They will go through banking, life insurance policies, etc. and come up with a fair rent.

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