If something happens to my mom, can I still collect her Social Security check being that she lives with me and I took care of her?

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My mom came to live with me 10 years ago. Since then I have been taking care of her. I am not well myself, but I do the best I can. She is a lot of company for me.
We both get SS and we live off of that. Since I take care of her I'm not working and depend on her check and mine to pay the bills and our expenses. If something happens to her, her check will stop and I will not be able to pay the expenses with my SS check alone. Is there anyway that SS might let me still collect her check being that I am her daughter and took care of her?

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No. Her SS checks stop when she dies.

What other programs might you be qualified for? You are "not well" -- do you have chronic conditions that disable you? Might you qualify for Medicaid to cover at least your medical expenses? Does mother have insurance you will receive when she dies? Without caring for her, would you be able to get a job?

I'm glad that you've had this mutually beneficial arrangement for a decade, and I hope you have it for many more years. You are wise to be thinking ahead.
No you cannot.
Thank you for your answers. Mom has outlived her money( she is 96) and me not working to take care of her, I guess puts me in jeopardy if anything happens to her.
I came down with Poly Myalgia Rhuemantica 3 years ago and it left me with a crippling arthritic condition in my neck, shoulders and massive bone loss. I was on Prednisone for 3 years and that drug does bad things to the body. I'm 67 years old and it would be hard for me to go back to work with the pains I have now. The heating pad has become my friend. I use it all the time. The doctor said it would help.
Without my mom's check I can't keep up with the expenses. She has no insurance and I don't either. I hate to think of things like this because I really enjoy her with me, but in reality you have to prepare ahead of time.
Yes, you do have to prepare.

Where are you living now? Do you rent or own? With your disabilities would you qualify for subsidized housing? Navigating through the mazes of applications and rules and different agencies can be daunting. I suggest you contact Social Services in your county, explain your disabilities and ask for an appointment for a needs assessment. A social worker will know about what is available through the county programs and also what other resources are available in your area. He or she can guide you through the process of applying where you need to.

Continue to enjoy your time with your mother. Don't stress out about what lies ahead, but do begin the process of exploring your options, so you don't have to do everything in a last-minute rush. Take it calmly, one step at a time. Take advantage of a trained professional guide -- don't try to do it on you own.

Best of luck to you.
Thanks so much for your info. I do own my own place, but I did a reverse mortgage on it about 4 years ago. Most people in my building did the same thing. I hope I did the right thing. Your right I am going to explore my options. It really helps when you can get advice from others. Thank you for that.

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