Can I change my mother's Social Security to go to me instead of my brother? ?

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I would call the local social security office and tell them your Mom lives with you now and it is possible it is in your brothers name -but he could have sent you the money or the check you could have written for deposit only and put it in your account-call your brother and ask him for the money and if he can not do that maybe he wants Mom back and I am sure that check does not begin to cover her expensives-how long did she live with him-but now it is only fair the check goes to you and if she has anysavings you could use that money to help you with the expense of her care because if she has to go on medicaide they will hake her money anyway even her life insurance I had to start the process of applying for medicaide and as the spouse left at home they would have taken every penny they could and I would have been left with all his debts.
beta doesn't the check come in your moms name? and to what address does it go to? Have you called about your question and asked them?

I'm agreeing with Maxine, hmmm I mean Austin about calling the SS board to find out. Social Security is very sketchy but since your mom lives with you I see no reason it shouldn't come to YOUR house. Do it now while it's still the middle of February. Remember there are only 28 days in this month.
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You can change SSI direct deposit on line. Only your mother (unless someone has POA for finances or is Conservator of Estate) can change address or direct deposit.
Below are the SS website and the website to change direct deposit.
You are right on target. The question seems to imply a total misunderstanding of Social Security. If "brother" was receiving and cashing the SS checks without proper POA or Custodianship he was breaking the law and could be prosecuted for fraud. This is the very situation SS is trying to counter by encouraging ALL SS recipients to have SS checks direct-deposited to their bank account. This is also required if there is a POA involved since he/she must be able to account for how the money is spent. If mom does not have a bank account and there is no POA in force, then her daughter could open a joint account with her mom and direct the SS to direct deposit the check to that account. As you state, the SSA will be happy to assist them in making this happen.
BTW-if at some time in the future SSA determines that brother was using the money for his personal expenses they are legally able to claw back any money which he is unable to prove went directly for his mom's care.
If your mom has a banking account, Direct Deposit is the safest & best way to go, to ensure that your mom receives her money. A simple phone call to the SS office is all that's needed for changing the address - my mom has done this on more than one occasion & everyone was very cooperative & helpful.

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