I'm thinking of getting a new cell phone that has an organizer for all the new doctors appointments that seem to be multiplying. I am with AT&T. Any ideas?

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Depending upon how tech-savvy you consider yourself, you may want to take a look at an Android phone. I use mine (Samsung Captivate) to keep track of doctors appointments for both parents using the built-in calendar. The calendar provides reminders for upcoming appointments and is tied into Google calendars online, so everything can be viewed and edited on the web as well as the phone. I also share the calendars with my siblings.

In addition to the calendar, I use Google docs on the phone (and web) to keep my parents' med lists and scans of their insurance and medicare cards, so I always have them handy. These are also shared with my siblings online, should they ever need them. I guess I could probably put copies of my power of attorney and their living wills up there, too, but haven't done so.

Hope this helps.

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