Our grandma has a rash on her upper leg. What would cause that?

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Rashes can come from heat or an allergic reaction to detergent or dryer sheets. They can also be a side effect of medications. If it's serious, a doctor should look at it. If it's painful, it could even be shingles. Good to have it checked out.
My mother in law just had a rash in the same place. We took her to the doctors and here it was shingles. They gave her 2 medications and patches with thats what it is. It is also a cooling pain medicine in it. The dr. said it could have been a virus in her for a long time. We took care of it right away, and it cleared up fast. Take her to the dr.s because it won't go away by itself if thats what it is. Also it is very uncomfortable. She had it right before the holidays.

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