How do I care for my mother with dementia who resists and resents it?

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My mother totally resists having anyone other than family come in and help her. I am 24/7 caregiver and need to bring in outside help to give me a break. Even if I say it's a person to clean or garden, she firmly says no. Any guidance?

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How about bringing a lady in despite her protests, but then you sit and visit with your mother while this woman does her thing? Maybe it's the, warning her part that she gets riled up about. And once she gets to know this woman it won't be a big deal.
My Mom refused too. I contacted a great agency and spoke with the director. He came out personally to talk with her and told her that he would hand pick someone who could giver her a little help. Because he was there, she was on her best behavior and agreed to have someone come in once a week.
She ended up really liking this caregiver and it gave us a little break too.

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