How do I properly care for my independent older brother who likes his privacy?

I am bringing my elderly brother home to live with my husband and myself following a serious fall about two months ago (he has been in rehab/al facility since the fall) ... I am looking for ideas and suggestions that worked for you all out there who took care of your aging brother in your home! I took care of our mom in our home for 8 years, but I am thinking I need some good tips for caring for my older brother who has been totally independent all his life and likes his privacy .... just hoping somebody has cared for a much older brother who never married and lived a quiet, private life before now!

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I hope someone with a similar experience can give you some tips. I'm sure this will be a challenge. You will want to give him as much privacy and independence as possible, and hopefully some male companionship (try RSVP Senior Companions if he doesn't know people near you).

Good luck. You have a good heart. This will be a challenge. Watch the site as we have wise people here who may offer advice.

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