Where are caregiver support groups in the Tampa Bay Area

I want to find groups that meet in the evening or on weekends as I work during the day. The only ones I have found are mid morning or mid afternoon and those don't fit into my schedule.

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Stressed Lisa, alz Assoc alz dot org, provides free 24 hr support counseling service, has support groups and other resources. Go there, look up by zip or state/co., some are listed for evenings in the Tampa area. I went from 0-60 in a split second when I began caring for my mom, and really felt overwhelmed until I found AC site-many nice people, tons of proven experience! Plus avail 24/7. Still, local group helps w local referrals. Also web search area agency on aging go Tampa, call them for app't and advice, that's why they exist. This is so hard at first, but will find u can adjust and develop a routine or style of coping that will make things easier. Most patients DO deny diagnosis, and they can't be reasoned with. Just try to work around it the best u can. Read threads & topics in forum that relate to what u r dealing with. Hang in there N Stay in touch...
Check with Karen Truman or the Folks at Seasons Memory Care. They host a regular dementia support group for caregivers. They post the days and times on their site.

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