Is caregiver only for the elderly?


The reason I am asking is I have worked for over twenty years and quit due to my son being shot on August 15, 2012. He is now legally blind and receiving disability, medicaid at a young age of 25..... We are struggling financially in which has been emotionally draining.... I was receiving unemployment and they passed a new law and took it away with little notice. I don't know what to do and I recently was diagnosed with high anxiety disorder. Am i entitled to my SSI because I am not 65? I am only 43 but have struggled since my sons accident. I greatly appreciate any ones help or suggestions.

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Hi Annmarie,
You may qualify for SSI because of your anxiety disorder. The only way to find out is to apply through Social Security. Unfortunately, it's a slow process. You could go to your state website and words such as "disability", "caregiver", paid "caregiver", and "caregiver adult child" into the search and see if your state offers any help for adult child caregivers. Most caregiver assistance is from the state level (other than veterans). You can also call you local social services for direction. Good luck. You've got a tough situation.
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Hi Carol,
I appreciate your time and advice.... My son was shot in August of 2010 not 2012 did not know how to edit and fix that. I have been trying to go back to work but, unfortunately has not happened. I am doing all I can to stay stress free but, now they have taken 370,000 peoples extended benefits away with little notice and I had just gotten approved April 10 TH for 20 weeks. I don't understand how the government can do this? I have been following the sad stories of people in N.C. that are being affected by this and how people are judging us for being on unemployment when they don't know the situations at all..... I did not want to be on unemployment but, had no choice due to this accident my son had. I always worked and very independent! May 12TH will be the end of 370,000 peoples extended benefits in N.C. I do not know what I am going to do I have been trying to get a job even though I have high anxiety disorder and have had no success.... Once again thanks for you advice and support.
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