How do you get over the guilt of selling everything that is your mother's life including her home and you can't tell her?


I am in the process of clearing out my Mom's house to prepare it for sale and packing everything up for auction. I feel so guilty because we have to sell everything including her home to pay for her care. We can't tell her because she still knows she has a home and all of her "things" in it.

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You just have to keep focused that she is luck to have this house which will provide her the care she needs in the next phase of her life. So many people fail to realize the house is an investment and now it is paying off for your Mom.

We get so wrapped up in all the memories tied to our childhood homes. I have that issue in my family. We are all past middle age with homes of ours own and some just can't let go. That house served its initial purpose and now its final purpose is to take care of the one that took care of it for so long.

Best wishes! I know it isn't easy but you are doing the right thing.
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Jan641 .....
Has taken the words right out of my head and posted so perfectly
with her answer above!!!
Your focus is need of care and don't lose that focus!
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Maybe you could remind yourself that it woud be mean spirited to tell her and you don't want to be mean? You are doing what is in her best interest, correct? No reason to feel guilty.

Now if you were selling her things and taking her money, that would be something to feel guilty about.
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