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Is a full time caregiver considered a job in the eye of the court?


I made a foolish mistake an was caught in the park near my parents after I had put them to bed, they arrested me, I gave them no trouble and then they let me go home. I can not afford more than a public defender, who is young and really seems overwhelmed by all of his cases. So I am trying to do some of my of own research. If I have an option of job release, since that is i do, does courts see what we do as a job?

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Bailey, you've asked the same question on 2 different posts. It's more difficult for people to answer because issues may be discussed or raised on the other post but not here, so either post might not get the full benefit of response.
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baileybear1 Jan 2016
I am daytime caregiver for my sister with epilepsy. Will a judge see that as qualifying for work release. What do I need for proof
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Self - Employed / Working for Relatives

Provide pay records and any two items of the following documentation:
Current contracts
Signed estimates for proof of work
Pay records
Hours of work will be calculated on the company's regular business day.
Pay records are required from everyone on work release in the form of:
Pay stubs
Time Cards
Verification on company letterhead signed by an officer of the company
Person's granted Work Release, will not be allowed to work for persons currently on Work Release,

Automatic Work Release Violations

Not reporting for work.
Not keeping room and board payments current
Positive alcohol or drug screening
Detainers, warrants or violation of probation
Over the counter medication resulting in positive readings of drug or alcohol.
Leaving work to take care of personal business (Doctors, Attorneys appointments, etc.) without permission from the Work Release Staff.
Not fulfilling the conditions of Work Release Contract.
Violation of any of the rules of the Work Release Contract. If you are violated from work release, you are indicating to the sentencing authority that you are not committed to making those changes necessary for you to remain crime-free. You are not prepared to honestly accept responsibility for your behavior or demonstrate that responsibility through your actions.
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Please explain more clearly. Are you saying you were arrested for committing a crime in the park, or that your parents had you arrested? If the first is correct, was it assault, drugs, etc.? Could affect whether you are considered an appropriate caregiver, if so. Are you paid to care for your parents? Work release usually involves spending any time you are not working in jail. Why do you assume you are going to jail? If it is a misdemeanor and first offense, you'll probably get probation and community service. If you have priors, or it was a felony, you may serve time. Having said that, the fact they released you on your own recognizance (without bail, either that or you failed to mention it) means you may be making a mountain out of a mole hill.
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CarmenP Sep 2012
Seriously? I thought it was a joke at first. What did your parents have you arrested for? It must have been something big to arrest your own child! Not trying to judge or anything ....
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tlhanger Sep 2012
What!!!! What were you doing that they arrested you? We even go to a movie at night after mom is in bed.
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Darcy123 Sep 2012
I have no idea. It depends on how the lawyer spins it would be my guess. They might also put a twist on it that you weren't watching your parents then too...??? I am not sure. I would be interested in hearing what others say about this.
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