What can I do if I am a caregiver to a blind lady and her family is accusing me of brainwashing her?

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My question would be, does this lady have money? If so, then there's your reason right there for the false accusations. Get someone you can trust to talk to her. In other words, you need a second opinion.
How hard is it to prove that someone of kind can move into the home of an elderly couple and within the first 5 or 6 months began to take over the household and almost immediately start driving their car and then owns the car and within a year is given the power of attorney and now owns the home and all the contents. Brother passes and leaves wife with this cousin and now the wife isn't allowed to even use the phone. They both feared this lady. Neither would nor will admit but we, family know the real situation. Is this hard to prove in court?

Nancy makes a good point. Keep in mind is that it's not uncommon for family members to become overprotective and twist things if they notice a stronger-than-expected bond between caregiver & caregivee; particularly when there's a probability their inheritance -- if any -- might go to someone else. Have you seen those movies about filthy rich people who leave everything to charity, the maid or the dog instead of their flesh and blood? ... Well, it happens.

Also please remember that any conversation, however harmless, that you have with this blind new friend of yours will trickle through the grapevine. Gossip spreads like wildfire within families, especially with those that can't wait for someone to keel over her gumbo.

Remain professional and friendly, but be careful with relationships that might come back and bite you in the ___.

I would keep a journal. Make it what you want. When I was Primary Caregiver for my MIL, I had everything in black & white. Some of the kids that were helping out didn't write in it or tell me much of what went on, so I had to keep on them when situations cropped up. e.g. Why is she having loose bowel movements (bm)? Even though my MIL loved chocolate, she couldn't have large amounts of it. It got to where I had to stop giving her chocolate b/c everyone else was giving her chocolate. Maybe they should've come over in the middle of the night and cleaned up.

I can tell you they're probably jealous of the relationship you have with their relative.
Good luck!
I have been accused of Sexual abuse by a 91yr. old man,out of the blue.I am his caregiver.This is not true,but I live in a small town where he has been part of the good ole' boy network,and I am a transplant.What would cause this?(I beleve he really believes it) How do I prove my innocense?

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