My ex mother in law is a caregiver and conviced her pt to sign over all assets and accounts to her. Is that legal?

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She is not the CNA, who is also getting half of his assets and money. He has a daughter who does NOT know what is going on, Also my ex mother in law is on 5 years probation for stealing narcotics at Walgreen where she was caught on the job. Also she just recieved $50,000 from him and has spent it all on 3 cars, new furniture, remodeling her home, going to Disney World...ect.

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This does not sound at all legal. The daughter must be told what is happening and she can take it from there.
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Contact the police and or elder abuse agency in your area
A crime is being committed, call the police.
Graft, corruption, unethical, not within practice parameters...get help!

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