My mom is 75, had 2 strokes in the last 2 years, recently had congestive heart failure. How do I care for her?

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She was in a rehab to gain strength back and fell and broke her hip now she is in a differnt rehab for the hip but is now is very confused and unruley from all the meds she has been on. I am not sure if rehab will help her and if it doesn't my sister will take her home but has been told by the doctor if she falls in her care she will be charged with elserly neglect. What do we do ? we are so afraid for her and usSeveral concerns. Home safety, how to care for her, money issues, and burned out

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Sorry didn't know how this worked. My sister and I are so stressed. We don't think the rehab will work for our mom because she is so confused and unruly and if we take her home and she injures her self there we could be charged with elderly neglect as told by her doctor in the hospital. What do we do?
Charged with elderly neglect if Mom falls while in her care?! If that were the case, the court systems would be so clogged with elderly nelgect ases they couldn't function for anything else. Falling -- it is what they do. No caregiver, family or professional, and no nursing home or rehab facility or care center of any kind, can absolutely 100% prevent falling.

Either that doctor is a very strange bird, or there is a little more to this story. Is Sis threatening to take Mom home before the rehab place is ready to discharge her? What does the doctor think is the best course of action for Mom? Do you and Sis disagree? Why?

Rehab this time may or may not "work." How long is she scheduled to be there? Whether it works or not, you need to have a plan for where she will go when she is discharged. Start exploring all your options right now. Could she go to an assisted living facility? If she went home, what kind of in-home care services would it take to keep her safe and comfortable? Does the doctor think she belongs in a nursing home? Why? Try to think about all the possibilities ahead of time.

Has Mom applied for Medicaid yet? Where ever she goes, how will it be paid for?

This has been a hard two years for all of you. Continue to act in your mother's best interests. Try to be open about all the ways you could do that.

Good luck.
I agree that it isn't likely that you or your sister could be charged for neglect if your mother falls unless there are other circumstances with which the doctor is concerned.

I think your best bet in the instance that she comes home is to install a medical alert system in case she does fall. This works two-fold. You can respond and provide care for her immediately AND you are proving that you both truly are working in her best interest by having her at home because you equipped yourselves with devices to make sure that she would be cared for if she fell.

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