I would like to care for a loved one in my home. How do I go about doing this?


I stay at home and would love to care for someone in my home. Someone that just needs me to cook and clean and be there friend. All my kids have left the nest and I thought I could give someone my time and caring love to someones family member that needs help. Thanks

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I thought of doing the very same here in Orlando. I own a medical staffing and companion care business so having experienced caregivers is not an issue. I already have professional liability insurance and the rooms are ready but I do not know how to get clients. I believe I can have 3 without an ALF license (which I plan on applying for) is that correct?
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There may be many aspects to consider before moving ahead with this. Are you considering a stranger or someone you know? Most of the time, those who need help need more and more help as they age or their illness causes additional decline. You would need to consider the long-term commitment that you may be unknowingly signing up for!

I am going to guess you are considering a stranger. This leads me to consider your training --- are you a certified home health aide? Are you interested in getting such education? What about your homeowner's insurance? There may be problems if someone gets hurt while in your home if you are doing this for pay.

Finally, the person's family may stop paying, what then? They may fail to provide the required medicines, what then?

One approach that could work, is for you to provide companion services in the client's home. I know many people who use such services. Preparing light meals and housekeeping and companionship are often needed and supplied in home. Many Florida residents' family members live in other states. It is comforting to know that someone is looking in on their loved ones. I used unlicensed companions for my Mom for several months. I found them through her church. I'd suggest you start with this approach to see how it goes while you investigate what it takes to have someone live with you. Unless, you are simply looking for a roommate.
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