How to care for an elder with late stage colon cancer?

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I've been my mother's caregiver 24/7 with alzheimer's for 12 years and just found out she has advanced colon cancer and has less than two months. I took her for a cat scan to see if she had an ulcer because she's been anemic. I guess I feel pretty bad as I never had a clue. All I keep asking myself is how could she be that sick and not appear to be in pain? She doesn't talk alot, but she'll hold her head if she has a headache. I did notice she had bloating but she doesn't walk but a few steps a day so I thought it was because she wasn't moving around much and I'd give her a gas X. Is it possible she is not in pain or is she in pain and just can't tell me? Can anyone shed light on this? I can't seem to find any information on the internet. I have found something about a budwig diet and maple syrup and baking soda. I guess I'd like to try and keep her around a little longer than two months. Do these things work? Thank You

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Doesn't seem like anyone has an answer or any comment to make so whomever moderates can remove my question. Thank You for the support

I am sorry that no one answered your question yet. Patience is a virtue, please bare with us all. Although your mother is unable to communicate in the way that she used to does not mean that she is not feeling pain, nor does it mean that she is pain free. Work with doctors to determine the best way to alleviate any pain and discomfort. Also, speak with health care professionals about diet and nutrition.

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