How do I care for my 84-year-old dad with Tourette Syndrome?

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Hi, I am seeking help for resources on how to better understand and care for my dad who has Tourettes Syndrome with OCD plus other mental issues. He lives with me and my husband since my mom died. His disease is so overwhelming to us and to him. He repeatedly get agitated and angry, when he is having one of those episodes he breaks things in the house like the washer the toilet he stops up the drains with things he can be very destructive, he will not take his meds properly for fear of the meds, he talks non stop or hums says the same things over and over obsesses on people places and things, he has a terrible fear of germs. would anyone have any suggestions on where to find resources. his doctor up to this point has been of little help. he is very capable with his bathing and dressing with exception of his shoes and socks, he can feed himself and even cook for himself. However he will only eat the some foods over and over.

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OCD, which this sounds like - Tourette's can be part of that - is very difficult for the person who has it, as well as those living with that person. You can get a lot of help and support through Please contact them asap.
Take care - this is tough. I know people with severe OCD and I can relate. Other mental illness help may be needed, but please check with the OCD folks for guidance.
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