My grandmother needs to be in an assisted living, but she can't afford it ...what can we do?

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my grandmother needs to be in an assisted living, but she can't afford it ...what can we do? Is there any place that doesn't cost over two grand.We can not take care of her anymore and the doctor says she doesn't need to be in a nursning home because she isn't that bad. She can't live alone, but she is able to go places.We need help.

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This is a serious gap in our care system for elders. Try going to her state Web site. Type "aging" in the search box and see what links there are to follow. There may be some assistance through her state.
If she is on Medicaid (not Medicare) she may have some options. If she doesn't qualify for Medicaid, she'll have to pay her own bills until her money (almost) runs out. Then she'll get some help.
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My Father needs a full time live in caregiver now, but he can't afford to pay the $190/day that agencies charge, or he will run out of money. Is there a resource where we can find someone to take care of him that isn't through one of those agencies? I desperately need to find someone now!
Locate your local Area on Aging and try to meet with them for advice as well as a local Senior Center. I am sure you may be able to find some local help there. Have you spoken to her doctor's office? Does thier office have a social worker?
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I have a brother Michael. He is only 62 but has had Epilepsy since 18. My wife and I have taken him in to our new home in Summerville SC. He has turned out to be much more than we expected. We have looked into assisted living, but with the funds he currently has, most of the facilities are only going to give us 1-2years.When the money runs out, does Michael become a ward of the state? we are having major difficulties as a family keeping the status quo going. The problem is not only the seizures, but Michael needs socialization and we cannot provide what he needs given the time constraints. We are pretty much burned out. Please give us any options that might help. This link takes you to the portal for online resources for people with disabilities and caregivers.

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