Can you have Hospice Services and home health at the same time?

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I did for my mother when she was dying eight years ago. She went very quickly and peacefully after that
Yes, you have to have the two services working together. Hospice does not do all the day to day caregiving stuff. What ever care was in place prior to hospice needs to remain to some extent.
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Good to know, but how in the world did this unanswered post from 2010 get resurrected??
Oops......Didn't notice the date
I have a patient on Home Health services for wound care can they still be admitted for Hospice care for cancer diagnosis
The insurance coverage for long term home health care my parent have will not pay for both.

So..I guess the answer is, yes you can have both....the question that was not asked is. But, who pays for it? You can have your own Learjet....but, who pays for it?
I was told that you need to cancel your regular doctor's appointments while on Hospice because Medicare will not pay for both. If it is unrelated to the Hospice diagnosis then you can keep the appointment, but the doctor will need to file the claim with a "moderator" not Medicare in order for bill to be paid. Hospice supplies all the prescription drugs related to diagnoses as well.

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