Can I get paid for caregiving services for a friend in their home?

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EV- This question has been asked in various forms over the past couple of years - please look in the Money & Legal section of this site and you'll find lots of threads with great advice. The short answer is: you might get paid but not much and given the current economic state of our states - funds are going to get tighter and home health care is likely to be cut.
I have an elderly friend that is going to need assistance at home now . Is there a way that I can get paid to do that through the county
Possibly. Is your friend on a county program now? If so, he or she needs to request the kind of assistance needed and have it approved. Generally counties have a list of approved agencies they deal with. It would be a matter of you applying to the agency who would bill the county and pay you. I don't suppose every county in the US works this way! Maybe in some cases they pay you directly and do not go through an agency. In any case, the first step would be for friend to be on some county or state program that provides this kind of service, and then to ask for this specific kind of care.

Good luck!

PS. My brother provides housekeeping services for our mother under this arrangement. Works great for both of them. He is handicapped and this provides him some spending money, he does a super job, and my mother is very comfortable with having him in the house. He spends more time with her than he is paid for, by choice. Being accepted by the agency was just a matter of the county telling them to go ahead and put him on -- they had an assignment for him. He went through some training. I think the qualifcation might be a little stiffer if he wanted to do this in other people's homes as well, but just the one assignment is perfect for him. I say this just to encourage you that it is possible to get paid through a county program.
I take care of elderly friend,He needs more of my time now, he does not qualify for assistance He draws good pension check each month. How can I get help for my getting paid His bills almost
I didnt get a response to my question. If he draws a substantual amount of money monthly. Is there anyone I cant get to pay me for the things I do to gare for him
vickster, can he pay you? If he has a substantial income, can he pay is own way?

I have a friend who needs my help. He now live's in a homeless shelter has no income or benefit's. He is 69 year's old and is losing his sight in one eye. He has no family and i can not afford to support him, i need help. He is illegal in this country and i don't know where else to turn.-------- HELP
can i get paid for caregiving to my sister-in-law,she is elderly
My husband is on home dialysis and I am his caregiver..doing treatments for 20-25 hr. Per week is there a program to help with a benefit paid for that time?
Liblou, one way for you to get paid is for your husband to pay you. You will need to set up an employment contract saying how many hours and the cost per hour.

If your husband qualifies for Medicaid, the State might allow a trained Caregiver from an Agency to come in to help a couple hours a day.
Check to see if your State has “Cash and Counseling” program that might give you some funds for Caregiving. Note that each State has their own rules, regulations, and programs. Some have waiting lists.

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