Can I be paid to be a caretaker for my mother?

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she is diagnosed dementia/alzheimers.has michigan medicare/blue cross shield supp.

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Medicare does not pay you to take care of a loved one. Was your father in the armed forces at all? If so your mother may qualify for spousal benefits through the VA.

It is my understanding that in the new health care bill that a family member can get paid something for caregiving of a loved one.

Contact your local Area on Aging and they will have local resources for you to seek help, as well as the ALZ organization.

Hope this helps, Blessings, Bridget
To know for sure, you'd have to call her insurance. I work for a company that provides caregiving services, our services are not covered by most insurances because our services are considered non medical, although we do everything a nurse assistant would do...bathing, toileting, incontinance care, change catheter bags etc etc. The only insurance I have seen so far that covers our caregiving services is long term disability. So don't get too upset if you get a no for an answer, since it's the same way on our agency's end too.

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