My wife cannot walk and she has problems with her vision. I do all the cooking and cleaning, how can we get help?

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My son has the same problem with his wife, except she WON'T cook & WON'T clean, for him there is no choice except to put his foot down. Someday he will I hope. For you however, if your wife CAN'T do those things, then hire a cleaning woman to come in and relieve you a few days week. Otherwise, it's 'for better and worse till death do us part' remember that little part of the ceremony? I know that will come back and bite all of us at some point in time, so you're NOT alone. ha.
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My friend I am walking in your shoes, But when i was operated
for heart condicion, my wife was there for me. now is my turn to
take care of her.
Its a good feeling doing this. And do not forget GOD repay for all we do for others. Just try and get help from family and friends

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