If my daughter has Power Of Attorney for all my affairs can my other children ask medical doctors questions about how I am doing?


I am in a rehab center, my oldest daughter has POA for all affairs, can my other children as dr and nurse question about how I am doing

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The federal government put strict privacy laws in place to protect American's health information. Healthcare providers are bound by these laws, known as HIPAA laws, and so usually they will give health information to a patient or the patient's spouse only. For anyone else to get information, that person will need to be named as the agent in a Medical Power of Attorney (not a financial Power of Attorney). This document is also called an Advance Health Care Directive. If you want your daughter to be able to make healthcare decisions but you don't want other people to, be sure you've named your daughter in a Medical Power of Attorney/ Advance Health Care Directive. Also be sure and discuss with your primary physician that you don't want your information released to anyone else.
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They can ask. The real question is can the doctors answer. If you have authorized that (hippa papers) the medical professionals can give them information.

Do you want the other children to be able to obtain information from your doctors, or to prevent that?
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This is a good question. I am trying to get my Mother to make someone medical POA, but she doesn't see the need. She says the doctor talked to her before my Dad died, she had no problem. What she doesn't understand is, that was her spouse, not her child.

My MIL died several years ago. My husband and I knew she was getting worse and was hospitalized with ALS. We were to spend the night and relieve his sisters. The sisters had been with her every night for at least a week. When they left, I noticed she was breathing very hard and seem to recognize no one. No one asked or said anything except how sad it was. Within an hour a nurse came in, checked her, looked at me and asked how long she had been breathing like that. I said, "about an hour." She said nothing and left. Within another hour she took her last breath. Everyone was shocked. No one told her children she was dying. They would not have left her side.\

I am puzzled as to why. Is this the situation with hospitals now? Don't ask, don't tell. My husband certainly didn't have a medical POA. Probably didn't know what it was. Where is the compassion for this family? What should I do about my own hard headed mother?
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