babsbear Asked December 2012

Can a notch baby see a doctor and not a physican assistant?


She has been told she can only see the PA because she is a notch baby. She is in a great deal of pain and doesn't seem like anyone can help with the managabilty of the pain. What are her other options?
She is one of the widows that my husband sees (through our church) once a month to do any maintenance around her house. I visit also once in a while and know she is really hurting. What can be done?

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Jam Dec 2012
Because this woman happened to be born between 1916 and 1922 she falls into the classification that some call the "notch babies". In actuality there is no such thing. She does not have to be singled out for a certain type of medical care; she is no different than any other elderly person seeking medical treatment. She can see an MD, a DO, a PA or a nurse practioner if she so desires. She simply needs to find one that accepts her Medicare and other insurance if she has any.
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JessieBelle Dec 2012
I am unclear why the office would distinguish between people born in notch years and any other older Medicare recipient. Benefits should be the same.
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