Are we crazy to consider buying a travel RV for our Mom with Alzheimer's?

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The reasoning behind this is we could move her to each other's home and share in her care. Some of us do not have extra bedrooms which is why we're considering an RV. Also we think it might help her since her personal environment (the RV) would stay stable. We all live within a 45 min radius of each other. Of course she would be in our homes most of the time. Are we crazy to even consider this? Let's assume finances are not an issue.

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What a great idea!!!! As long as she is not able to drive it this sounds like one of the best ideas I have heard in a very long time.... let us know how this works out if you decide to do it.... efficient, surrounding kept the same, easily moved... perfect... hugs to you..
A portable bedroom for Mom! Sounds awesome.

It may present some challenges if she developes a wandering habit. But each challenge can be addressed as it comes up. (An alarm system that rings in your bedroom when her door is opened ...)
I'd worry about her starting a propane fire in an RV if she tries to cook. Also, about the wandering thing. It might be better if one of the kids stayed out in the RV and let mom have a bedroom. What kid wouldn't like their own private space?
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Not a good idea. Sorry. Anyone with dementia should not be in an area where they can 1) drive. 2) turn on utilities ( gas, electric) by themselves. 3) Wander.
Its tough to move anyone with dementia/alz so this would make her think she is always home, great idea. But, she can NEVER be alone, and is it warm enough in winter? It sure beats a nursing home, love it. She may never go into your homes, its too confusing. Make sure it has a wheelchair ramp to get her in and out thou, that comes down the road. Good luck to you!
I am a social worker in a nursing home and I am dealing with individuals with Alzheimers/ dementia everyday. I don't think it is a good idea. The list of things that could go wrong is long and I personally wouldn't take the risk. Better to come up with a situation were there is full time supervision. Good luck.

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