Does anyone know where I can buy hipster or fall pants for an elder?

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I don't what their real name is. The nursing home provides them but they keep disappearing so I want to buy some and put my Mom's name in them.

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They are made by Posey
What a great resource, Lilliput. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks, I'll check into that. I did find some online but they really expensive. Nothing like gouging seniors.
Top Answer and have them and their pads for wheelchairs are incredible. I have one in moms wheelchair and a large one when she sleeps and she has never had any skin breakdown. I found them to be the best around. I can wash them and bleach them in the scalding hot sanitize cycle and nothing hurts them, well worth it. They also sell hipsaver pants with pads in the hips to protect hips in case of a fall, arm and legs and foot coverage too. Good luck.

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