How do I buy burial insurance for my mother who is not of sound mind and can't take part in the process?

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she lives in another state with my sister, who is unemployed and on disability. My mother lost touch with reality but has not been diagnosed as such. I need to by insurance as I do not have the means to handle expenses if she should pass.

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In other words, you don't have durable POA and your mother is probably not competent to give it to you and you want to buy burial insurance for her? It sounds to me like the first thing to do is for you or your sister to file for guardianship of your mother so that you have the authority to handle her expenses when you mother dies.
Is there a way I can purchase life insurance and/or funeral insurance for my parents, and if so, which would be the best way to do this?

You can purchase Life Insurance for your parents as long as there is an insurable interest (e.g. funeral costs, mortgage, etc). You will probably be asked to have your parents speak with an advisor to confirm that they are happy for you to arrange the cover. If you intend to pay for your parents Life Insurance yourself then you may be asked to provide proof of identity for yourself and your parents. In most circumstance your parents will need to answer the health questions themselves or check and sign them for accuracy.

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