How can I get my mother’s false teeth out of her mouth to brush them?

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lol!!!!! thats a new one- lol!!!!! sorry but the things we have to try and figure out !!! my mom was falling all the time- so i found myself sittign next to her all day - had an audible monitor in her room - so i would try to sleep lightly so i could here her - ya right- s0 i bought a video baby monitor= so i could clean , do laundry - but the taking the monitor to each room was hard- so i returned it and got one with a portable one for my hip -when going from room to room- and if she got up i would hurry to keep her from falling-cant use a walker -has weak hands and sore arms, but then when the it comes to going to bed - i cant see her duh, lol!!!! so i got a motion detector from radio shcak so when she attempts to get up it beeps in my room. works great=before i came up with that brilliant idea i slept in her room on the floor for 3 days and she still snuck by me- i would catch her at the door and she would on the way to bathroom ask me by pointing with a questining look at my blankets, (cant talk) and then have to tell her again after she went tothe bathroom cuz by the time she got back- forgot agian

anyways - she hasnt fallen since and my husband and i use the monitor and the motion detector (so i dont have to look at the monitor every 30 seconds) so we can use the hot tub at night - phew
any ways will keep checking to see if anyone has advice for you - i may need it in the futre

Say what? ... Does the ever take them out to at least soak them overnight? If so, that could be your opportunity. If she rarely does, set a time for brushing and enforce it. If that doesn't work, ask her if you can borrow them for five minutes.

-- ED
"Borrow them for five minutes"....too funny...thanks for a little laugh today.
When I put Mom to bed at night, I give her her meds with a glass of water, fill her denture holder with water and hold it in front of her and tell her it's time to take out her teeth. She she takes her dentures out and puts them in the container and I take them to the bathroom, if they need cleaned I clean them. Usually she'll brush them before she puts them on in the morning, but if I start noticing an odor I'll clean them. I establish routines and she seems to follow them, Since I give her time to change before I come in with her meds, she has started taking them out before I come in. Mom likes the routine and the more parts of it she can do herself the better she feels, of course when she's not well I go back to doing those parts again. Don't know your situation, but routine, routine ... works for me.
You guys tickled my bones! This query made my day! Helps bring back the humor in all these caregiver stuff... Have a good laugh everyone!
Ok this sucks but I had to put my finger in her mouth and take them out. The next morning she would open her mouth so I could put them back in . Sometimes. But she would not to take them out at night. Than she started takeing them out all day long. I found them in all kinds of places. So now we don't do teeth anymore. LOL!
I do think that this question brought on much laughter to all of us---although the subject was serious in nature~~

L O L and hope you find a way!
I was desperate for an idea to get my 99 year old mother to remove her dentures for me at night----she fights it------the fixer on this site mentioned putting a cup of water in front of mom to put her dentures in--so i did and told her to take them out and put them in the cup---and she did it!!!! thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!
oh that deep the only thing i tell you is that tell her they will make her sick if she doesn't take them out
None of these ideas have worked consistently for me. It's a hit or miss kind of thing. some days one works; some days nothing. Enjoy the routine as long as you can. I've had quite a lot of experience here and after a while routines just won't work anymore.

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