My brother passed away, he had power of attorney for mom. How do I transfer power of attorney to me?

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I am the only living child.

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As others have said, if there is no successor named in the POA document itself, the POA is rendered useless upon the death of the name agent. Since your mother is now not legally able to sign a new POA, your only option is to go to the local probate court and seek to be appointed her guardian and conservator.
First, do you have a copy of the POA document? Often there is a person named who can step in when the original person can no longer serve.
You cannot transfer power of attorney for your mother. Only your mother can grant power of attorney. If she is not competent to grant power of attorney, you will need to file for guardianship.
Interesting. Interdicted? My state does not have a law like that. It would require guardianship unless there is a successor named in the POA.
You can file a petition to have her interdicted naming you the Curator.
The following link maybe helpful
Good Luck!!
Agree with guestshop.

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