My brother is going on vacation out of the country, should I ask if he wants to be notified if my mother goes into the hospital?

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Only if your mother's life is hanging by a thread. In the meantime, allow him to enjoy his well-earned vacation. If he chooses to call to check up on Mom that's his prerogative, don't you think?

And stop worrying so much!

I agree with Ed! No need to ruin your brother's vacation unless Mom has taken a turn for the worse. It can't hurt to ask him what he wants, but even if he says yes, use your common sense to guide you.
I also agree with Ed...why ruin his vacation if he is so far away and unable to be there? And yes just keeping in touch about her condition may be a good idea-if this is what has been decided upon.

Let your brother have his vacation without worrying. Upon his arrival back to the country, you take yourself a vacation and the same will apply to you.
Gee, I don't see the problem with asking him if he wants to be notified. He either says yes, or no. I don't get the problem I guess.
yes ask him and tell him how you will proced

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