My brother and sister-in-law keep mom's mail, check book, medical and social security cards, but I get no help from them or my other brothers and sisters. What can be done?

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If mother is still competent the decision as to who handles her affairs is hers. If she agrees, you can have a new power of attorney drawn. Make sure there is a clause or a separate document revoking the old power. Don't forget the Health Care Surrogate as well!
Who is currently caring for your Mom? If it is you, are you being compensated by your Mom or family? If not, then you need her PoAs and access to her financial records, etc. If the fam refuses, tell them that the PoAs and your Mom are a package deal and if they would like to care for her, then welcome them to do it.
You need to become the PoA if there isn't one assigned. If not, ask assistance for your state Dept of Aging on how to become the PoA if you are the primary caregiver. If your mom is still conscious of what she does and will not be contested, ask a Lawyer to draw up a simple PoA so you can have control over everything for your mom from Financial to Health.
i bet if you pack her up and sit her on the steps of the persons with the POA and let them figure it out. let me ask you this do they help out with money and do they take care of all her needs.
I agree, it should be a package deal. Whoever takes care of mom is POA and all the other stuff that goes with it.
If you are Mom's primary caregiver than you should have access to everything...Where does your Mom want to be and is she capable of making her own decisions? If so, then she needs to get control of her care completely put in the hands of that person. I agree, you need the POA as well as all her medical, financial, legal and final arrangements information in one place, with whomever is caring for her.
I am so sick of family members dumping the care of a parent on one sib then telling them that they are not competent enough to have the PoA. If a parent is not already compensating the caregiver, that caregiver has every right to be the administrator of the finances. Even healthier seniors need so much care. I am surprised at how much "stuff" my Mom needs on a weekly basis. It would be so tiring and demeaning to constantly have to ask the non-caregiver sib for money and then have to justify every purchase. Also, you need the medical PoA to assist in making medical decisions. It is not helpful for a sib who lives several miles or states away to have this is almost useless particularly in an emergency situation.
I would call a family meeting to iron this out. If that is not possible, I would do as the others said above and have your Mom revoke the old PoAs and get new ones. If they bully her into keeping things as is, tell them that they are welcome to experience the joy that is caregiving.

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