Does anyone have good advice for a bra, socks, that don't pinch or irritate mom?

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I have had to order bras for my mother from Dr. Leonard's healthcare catalog. They have some that slip on with no tight band, etc. Or some styles of sports bras might work.

As for the socks - I have had to buy my mother socks for diabetics, even though she is not diabetic. They are wider for swollen feet - these are the only ones she will wear as they don't pinch at all and are very comfortable. Good luck.

Dr Schols diabetic socks i get the men's for my grandma she has big feet, plus in the men's you can get blk..bra's lookin for one for granny too, no luck yet
Actually I've been thinking about getting a sports bra for my mother-in-law. The only way she can put on a bra, is to pull it over her head so I was thinking that she really didn't need the hooks at all. Plus, they're pretty stretchy.
Thanks all, this helps a lot. I will try Dr. Leonard's! Never thought of the diabetic socks!! Whewwww!

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