Where can I find a good bra for a 90-year-old with pretty severe arthritis?

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She has limited use of her hands, and is unable to raise her arms very far. I have to buy the bras and bring them in for her to try. Anyone have a favorite store or brand? She needs something soft and gentle on the skin.

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Hi Ruth: Is she big busted and needing support? I remember back in the day, when I was young, and we sometimes wore these knitted half tops that gave support, but didn't have uncomfortable straps. That might work if she is small busted. Is the problem that she can't get them on by herself, or that the arms and back strap hurt. Not sure I understand. The last thing I want to worry about when I'm 90 is wearing a bra. Cattails.
I went through this for my mother a couple of years ago. I got to be pretty friendly with the gal at the return counter! We went through a lot of batches to get the correct size and something comfortable.

Sports bras are often soft and comfortable, but they can be a bit of a challenge to put on and take off. Camisoles are very popular now, and might suit if they are stretchy and easy to put on and if she doesn't need a lot of support. (I'm thinking more of the soft cotton fashion type, rather than the tight lycra undergarment.)

My grandmother, who lived into her late nineties, had never worn a bra in her life. But old-lady camisoles had quite gone out of fashion by the time she reached her eighties, and I remember hunting all over for some. Finally found I could order them from a Penney catalog -- still a good bet for that kind of basic.

If there is a computer in your client's house (or you have a laptop) it is much easier to shop online. You can narrow your search more easily than walking through aisle after aisle in the store. Your client can help you! You can order multiple sizes and styles, and return what doesn't work either to a store if there is a Penney's near you, or by mail.

You might also try Googling "adaptive clothing bras" and see if anything seems to match her limitations.

Good luck, Ruth!
Thank you guys.... she's small busted but very particular and likes "the girls" to be well controlled. I never thought of the camisole idea, especially for all of her "at home" days. I did look for the adaptive clothing and it seems like there's little out there. I am really wanting a sports bra which fastens, either front or back. I want her to get away from wires, as she already has A-Fib. No need to be at any more risk. ANYWAY.... the search continues. Why her daughter doesn't do this I do not know! :-)
Have you tried Lady Grace? They are on line at LadyGrace? They sell all kinds of undergarments and my experience with them has been excellent. Look up a location on their web site and call them with what you are looking for. They are really helpful. (I use the store in Brookline, MA). My "girls" are substantial and they are the only ones who helped me find a really comfortable, attractive bra. Good luck!
Have you tried places like J.C. Penneys that specialize in hard to fit women? They are terrific with my nasty 89 yr old mother, fit her, and make sure she can make the bra work before we leave. They will also special order if you need to. I never brag one store up over another, but this solved this problem for us.
My mother is 89 and she had the same problem. So I started getting her the genie bras. She loves them. All she has to do is put them over her head and pull them down. But if your mother has trouble over head then someone just has to help her pull it down , but they are very comforable. I also know that Target sells a lot of good bras that are soft. I have one myself but didn't have the brand name on them. Just have to look and feel. Good Luck, I know it takes a long time to find good bras. It took me a couple of months and trying different ones for her that she would be comforable in. Hope this helps.
Liz Peck
The usually are described as "Leisure Bras" when they have hooks in the front and they are soft but fashioned much like a sports bra.
Try Vermont Country Store. They have great stuff for mature Americans.
Thank you - I asked about the front-closing bras and she says they just don't work. I am thinking o a leisure bra like LindaGS mentioned but rear-fastening. I agree with mamaizpeck that Target is a good resource. And the search continues!
Try the arthritis bra at Silvert's store or at Buck & Buck - both stores will have what you're looking for
try tlcdirect they have mastectomy bras but the bras are fashionable and wearable even for those who still have breasts. Some of their bras are easy to put on and are soft. I haven't had a mastectomy but I use some of the bras and have been very satisfied. They also have camisoles with a built in bra.

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