How should I handle my mothers affairs as Power of Attorney?

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I currently am Power of Attorney for my mother, who suffers from Alzheimers Disease. She has been in a private memory care facility fo a year. She has income from Social Security & Veterans Affairs which is not enough to cover her care. Also, lacking the financial means to cover her other expenses such as drugs, (even though she has Medicare), $300/monthly to the IRS in back taxes, and $3,500 credit card debt, & her house utility payments. The only asset she has is her homestead, which is still in her name. Her currently unemployed 29-year-old daughter who has lived there her whole life still resides there. Our family doesn't want to sell or transfer the house into another famly members name. What is the best thing to get my mother better nursing/assisted living memory care without losing her house? Thank you.

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Your mother's house is in her name and even if you transferred it right now, the five year "look back" before going on Medicaid would not let that stand. If the 29-year-old is disabled, she may - depending on where your mother lives - be able to stay in the house. But a lien would be placed on the home so that the government could recoup their money eventually. Medicaid is for people with no assets. Some states have programs that will help pay for assisted living, but not many - and that is generally only when people are already on Medicaid. I would suggest that you have a session with an elder law attorney or estate attorney who knows your state's Medicaid rules. Then you would feel better about moving forward.
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What is the best way to get my mother financial assistance for a nursing/assisted living memory care without losing her house/assets?

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