What are the best daily exercises for elderly?

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My father's doctor always said: "Sun on the head". By that he meant talk a nice walk everyday.
I've also noticed that for some reason many elderly take a liking to chair yoga (as opposed to chair exercises). Who knew!?!
My mom likes "Chair Dancing" DVD by Jodi Stovel. You can actually get an aerobic workout with these videos. It's kinda corny, but so's my mom. Jodi has several videos out now. Easy to find on the web. (We got turned onto Jodi's videos through Kaiser.)

I know how much I've improved quickly using hand weights (now up to 8# size) and mom gets PT at day care using 3# ankle weights (seated, lifting from knee). Anything to keep them mobile, strength in legs, able to help you help them stand is great. I think over the years Mom has gone from helplessly weak (ie, when in hospital, after broken hip) to strong again several times.

The thing that gets her to move without instruction or nagging is just watching a good classical music/ballet video (ie, Andre Rieu's English language videos like the Rockerfeller Center or new Australia DVD) and some select ballets. She'll conduct along enthusiastically, stomp her feet in time to music.

Walking per se means I have to be beside her with gait belt or hands-on. I don't know if I'll ever trust her to walk again by herself, or rise from a chair by herself. She CAN do it, yeah, probably 90% of the time. The 10% chance of fall will put her in a nursing home probably.
I have asked an active senior to come exercise with my father in law 3 times a week. Satisfying for her to see him improve and satisfying for him in that it is a great activity and helping him gain strength. Had a in home PT give us sheets of exercises so we are making sure to do what he needs. In 4 months he has gone from 10 feet of walking to 200 feet of walking!!!!!Yay!!!!!
Hi everyone according to your thread "Sun on the head". By that he meant talk a nice walk everyday. I have to say everything in this sentence.
The Best Exercise for elderly is Happiness :)
i think the time for me to stop living alone.i am recntly a widow 7 month.i do not know were to start getting help
alfiey, I'm so sorry for your loss. and congratulations on taking action to move forward now. There is probably a Senior Center in your community and probably your state has an Office on Aging. My experience has been that the people there know enough about local resources to get you started. There are social occasions complete with transportation to help against the loneliness. And there are lots of options for living arrangements if living with a family member is not an option. It's usually a one-step-at-a-time process, so be patient, but do take that first step of getting to know your senior center and your state office on aging. Soon you will be part of a network of people whose major focus in life is guiding you and others like you. Best of luck!
Seniors are at increased risk of muscle injury and other health conditions. Exercise is a proven way to increase senior health, reduce the risk of certain injuries and senior health conditions. Senior exercise should be low impact and not as strenuous as an activity such as road running or playing basketball.

I teach over 100 seniors per week, both in chair exercise and aqua pilates. Find a program that they enjoy, and try to participate with them. It's always more fun to exercise with someone else!
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