What are the best creams to use for dry peeling skin?

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Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. I just purchased the Clarisonic facial
cleansing brush and after 3 uses I noticed a significant difference in the overall
texture of my skin. After rinsing, skip a toner and use an aloe based cream to
moisturize, day and night. Avoid oil based creams as they block the pores from
breathing. Good luck !!!
one of the sitters for my father insist that Vaseline only is all he needs for skin care ? I think he needs a lotion also
I use goats milk cream from Far Above Rubies. It's handmade and contains no water, which all lotions contain water. I am 65 and as long as I use it daily on legs, several times a day on hands and arms no dry skin. A friend of mine uses it on her son who has eczema and has helped him.
Unfiltered, unrefined coconut oil.
Find it in the baking section. Make sure it is unrefined.

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