What is the softest and best leak proof diaper for night and day use that your parents like best? Where can I purchase them?

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The most absorbent diaper-shaped diaper that I have found are the Sam's Club brand. They are the one's I use at night with only an occasional leak and the price is right. I also use a disposable underpad on the bed just to be sure. For daytime when he is in a wheelchair and needs more flexible comfort around the tummy, I use the Depends pull-up style for men. These are the most absorbent underwear style diaper that I have found with fewer leaks due to a nice snug fit.
I don't know much about diapers, but if a brief would do, I suggest WalMaret's Assurance briefs. They are available for men, women, or "either." Mother likes the women's Assurance because of their fit (they come in several sizes)--and they're a pretty lavender color. They are also considerably cheaper than the brand-name briefs.
I like Walgreens brand. I believe called Certainly or something. More for your money and work well
My father is now bed-bound (for the most part). We had trouble with leakage from all of the aforementioned products. I started buying the largest size child's over-night diapers, size 8) tear the sides open & use them as pads inside the diapers. Because they have that gel powder inside them, they are more absorbant and I don't have to wash sheets constantly. I also bought the rewashable pads at Walgreens (the ones at Wal-Mart are not as good) and put those under him with the disposable pads on top of that.
You do not say if it is a male or female. For a male, a condom catheter is a great addition to the tools of keeping them clean and dry.
LindaGS, I had never heard of a condom catheter and am very interested. How does one keep the skin from getting irritated and/or infected? If they work, this would be wonderful and I have to wonder why none of the "professionals" that have come in have not mentioned them.
I have been using depends with a their guard product which is like a maxi pad. Together my dad is pretty good and if we are lucky, we only have to change the pad. Dad can even change just the pad himself which he really appreciates instead of a total change of clothes. Watch for the sales and I ask for 60 bags on a raincheck. Walgreens is great in the NW suburbs of Chicago.
my mom pees all over floor while wearing diapers from Walmart is there a better diaper on the market that wont leak out when she stands up
We tried Tena, Certainty and Depends, but finally settled on Prevail. get the right size and the best absorbency and you won't have leaks. For bed pads, get the Covidien Premium Quilted Wings #P3036C. They don't bunch up under the patient like chux will. And get the 30x36 to avoid missing the pad. The smaller 23x36 are cheaper, but you want maximum coverage.
Molicare Super Plus - you can order from Walmart online. Free shipping. They do not carry them in store. Also available at Medical Supply shops. They hold 1500 cc of fluid.

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